How many notes can I have?

Currently, CloudNote on the iPhone only supports viewing/editing four notes. You can have more widgets though (possible by sharing with others).

What/Where is my Note ID?

The Note ID is a unique 10-character code that points to a single note. These are what allow you to access the same note on multiple devices and share notes to friends without needing an account.

You can find the Note ID for a given note on the iPhone by clicking into the note view. With the keyboard down you’ll see three icons along the bottom. The middle icon allows you to easily share a note through email and bump. The bottom-most option on that menu will give you your Note ID.

What’s the easiest way to share a Note?

There are several ways to share a note easily. From the iPhone you can email out a link to the note (which has the Note ID), bump a note to another iPhone user or email out only the contents of a note.

Can I create a new note using the widget?

No, you can not. The reason is for both security and privacy. Also, the iPhone purchase is the only place we can collect money to pay for our server costs.

Will CloudNote work when I’m offline?

Yup! CloudNote works offline and online. Whenever you work offline any changes you make will automatically be synced back to the server next time you have internet access.

How does sharing a note work?

You can share a note a variety of different ways. You can share it by emailing the note ID, “bumping” the note to another iPhone or by simply telling a friend the note ID. You can also email the contents of a note easily from the CloudNote iPhone application.

Once you have shared a note, you no longer have exclusive access to that note. If two people are editing the same note simultaneously, the last person to edit will win (their changes will be saved).

How come I deleted a note, but it’s still available?

Removing a note from the iPhone application or widget will only stop your syncing to that note. The note will live on for an indefinite time period. This means that you can always return to a note.

If you’d like a note to be permanently destroyed, simply delete the contents of that note before you remove it from your system.

Can I edit a note in my browser?

Yup! Just head to to link up.

Please note that CloudNote only supports open, secure browsers like Firefox, Safari, Chrome and Internet Explorer 8 or above. If you’re using an older version of Internet Explorer please update your software before using CloudNote online.

How come there isn’t a Windows Gadget?

Mostly because we just haven’t gotten there yet… we will though.

Woah, Bump for CloudNote?!?

Yup, we’re excited too. Bump is really great for sharing notes super fast between two iPhones. Try it out with a friend today.

Who are you guys?

We are two graduate students studying Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) at Carnegie Mellon University. We’re working on CloudNote whenever we have free time (which isn’t all that often).

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